Our mission: Walter G. Schneckenburger Elementary School and community partners will provide the learning environment necessary for all students to achieve academic excellence and utilize critical thinking skills to become lifelong learners.

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Celebrating Black History Month

Mrs. Williams’ 3rd grade class selected, researched, and created presentations about famous African American individuals. Each student selected his/her person, did the research, and created a visual art project to be presented before the rest of the class and other 3rd grade classes. The students did an outstanding job.

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Schneckenburger’s K-Kids did it again!

      The Schneckenburger’s K-Kids once again surpassed their goal. Schneckenburger’s K-Kids were able to purchase 9 bio-sand filters for families of Zambia through the Seeds of Hope International from donations from students and faculty. K-Kids organized the fundraisers. Students participated in two dress-down days and a penny war between the classes. Winners receiving […]


5th grader designed school’s spirit shirt

  Each year the school has a contest for students/or by class to design the t-shirt we are going to use for Spirit Day, field trips, and field day. That student’s name or the class name is put under the design stating that they designed the shirt for that year. Each class has its own […]

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Help Schneckenburger K-Kids bring Clean Water!

Schneckenburger had a special guest speaker to help kick off K Kids Club’s new project assisting SOPHIP.   Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (www.sohip.org) has been working in Zambia since 2003 to end the water crisis and bring life to the people there. One of the solutions is a bio-sand filter that can purify drinking water […]

Math & Literacy Night

Come join us on Tuesday night to participate in Math & Literacy Night at Schneckenburger.  Location: cafeteria and library Time: 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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